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The story of AllTrials

In May 2015, Trevor Butterworth, Director of Sense About Science USA, interviewed Ben Goldacre and Síle Lane to talk about the history of the AllTrials campaign.   


Around half of all the clinical trials ever conducted have never been reported.
This is the story of the campaign to find them—and to fix medicine.
“I felt like I was […]

31st July 2015|

AllTrials US campaign officially launched

We are delighted to announce that today AllTrials USA has officially launched. Today 50 patient support groups, medical societies, universities and consumer groups are coming together to launch the AllTrials campaign in the US and to say:
“We are calling on everyone in our sector to join us in supporting the AllTrials campaign. Hundreds of thousands […]

29th July 2015|

Judgment in Richmond v HRA judicial review

Update: 30th July 2015

The Judge published his order today. He has made a declaration that the HRA has acted unlawfully because material on its website is “ambiguous and potentially misleading … in the specific respects and to the extent set out in the judgment.”

The Judge slammed Richmond for not being clear about what they were […]

28th July 2015|

Deworming story highlights benefits of sharing data

Ben Goldacre published a commentary in Buzzfeed yesterday that beautifully illustrates the true benefits of a transparent, open, networked approach to science.

In 2004, a hugely influential study was conducted in Kenya that showed children’s health, survival and school performance could be improved with a simple, cheap, annual deworming pill. The trial resulted in the deworming […]

24th July 2015|

Pharma company investors call for clinical trials transparency

Today investors representing more than €3.5 trillion in assets are asking the pharmaceutical companies they invest in to move towards transparency. The groups of 85 pension funds and asset managers support the aims of the AllTrials campaign and want the pharma companies to set out their plans to get clinical trials, past, present and future, […]

22nd July 2015|

Fixing flaws in science must be professionalised

The first evidence highlighting the serious problem of publication bias was published in 1986, accompanied by a simple solution – full registration of trials.1 Since then, many academics have published papers describing problems with evidence-based medicine, and yet, there has been very little effective action to fix these problems. Twenty eight years after the first […]

13th July 2015|