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Surgeons call for greater clinical trial transparency

In the latest issue of the Bulletin of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, surgeons who have run clinical trials say “surgeons have a professional and ethical duty to ensure trial results are made available.” The surgeons point out that previous efforts to make registration and reporting of clinical trials a requirement, like the […]

30th April 2015|

Reviews of treatments should include clinical trial information from regulators

Jeppe Schroll and Lisa Bero argue in an editorial in the Cochrane Library that clinical trial information from regulators should be included in systematic reviews of treatments. In 2014, they showed that drug reports from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) contained enough information to be used in […]

24th April 2015|

Nordic researchers want to lead the world in clinical trial transparency

A new strong and detailed report, written by Nordic clinical trial experts, sets a high international standard for clinical trial transparency and sets out how to make it a reality. The report from the Nordic Trial Alliance Working Group on Transparency and Registration aims to make the Nordic countries world leaders in clinical trial transparency. […]

21st April 2015|

WHO calls for all clinical trial results to be published

The World Health Organisation (WHO) made it unambiguously clear today that researchers have an ethical imperative to make results from all clinical trials – including past trials – publicly available. Its Statement on Public Disclosure of Clinical Trials Results:

says results from clinical trials should be publicly reported within 12 months of the trial’s end,
calls […]

14th April 2015|

Respond to Canadian consultation on clinical trial transparency regulations

Health Canada is seeking comments on new regulations that will determine what information from clinical trials will be made public and when. In June 2014, the Canadian Government passed Bill C-17 or “Vanessa’s Law”. After many of you wrote to Canadian MPs on the Health Committee, the law was amended so that some trial information would […]

2nd April 2015|