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Ben Goldacre talks AllTrials at Imagining the Future of Medicine

Yesterday evening the Royal Albert Hall hosted a series of talks on Imagining the Future of Medicine, hosted by Dara Ó Briain. AllTrials co-founder Dr Ben Goldacre spoke on the importance of clinical trial transparency, the history of the AllTrials campaign and how much more has yet to be accomplished.

His speech is about 20 minutes long.

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22nd April 2014|

Boehringer to release clinical trial data from 1998

Boehringer Ingelheim has announced that it will publish anonymised data from clinical trials dating back to the start of 1998 on the accessible platform The pledge was made by Boehringer’s chairman Dr Andreas Barner at the company’s annual meeting yesterday.

The database was established in 2013 by AllTrials member GSK as part of their commitment […]

16th April 2014|

Project Data Sphere aims to share cancer research data

A number of major pharmaceutical companies have given their support to Project Data Sphere, a new research collaboration that aims to help researchers share historical clinical trial data to help research new cancer treatments.

The companies involved include AstraZeneca, Bayer, Celgene, Janssen Research and Development (an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson), Pfizer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer […]

11th April 2014|

We need results from all clinical trials to make decisions about medicines, Tamiflu Relenza study shows

A review of all the clinical trial evidence for flu medications Tamiflu and Relenza has found that they are not as effective as they seemed when only some of the data was assessed.

The new review is based on detailed clinical study reports from clinical trials of the drugs which the researchers from Cochrane Collaboration have […]

10th April 2014|

New NIMH funding requirements include clinical trial reporting

The National Institute of Mental Health in the USA has announced new efforts to promote efficiency, transparency, and reporting in future clinical trials. New funding announcements will require that recipients of future grants register their trials on and commit to a data sharing plan.

They highlight the issue in an accompanying report that “as of […]

9th April 2014|

Guest Post: People with rare diseases need results from all trials

By Rob Pleticha is the Online Community Manager of, a EURORDIS project

This is a personal opinion 

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium plan to have 200 new rare diseases therapies by year 2020. In Europe a disease or disorder is defined as rare when it affects fewer than 1 in 2000 citizens.(1) Researchers studying rare diseases have difficulty gathering […]

7th April 2014|

Latvian translation of the AllTrials plan is now available

There is now a Latvian Translation of the AllTrials statement thanks to one of our supporters.

The document sets out four levels of information in clinical trial reporting and discusses the first three in detail:

knowledge that a trial has been conducted, from a clinical trials register
a brief summary of the trial’s results
full details about the trial’s methods and results
individual patient […]

3rd April 2014|

Pharmaceutical company AbbVie drops its case against the EMA

We have heard that AbbVie has applied for discontinuance in its case against the EMA, which means the case is over. The court will take the case off the register in the coming weeks and each party will bear its costs.

AbbVie sued the EMA to stop it releasing information from clinical trials of its drugs, […]

3rd April 2014|

Europe votes for clinical trial transparency

It’s soon going to be the law in Europe that drug clinical trials are publicly registered and results reported. MEPs have today voted by a huge majority to adopt the Clinical Trials Regulation, 547 in favour and 17 against. This is fantastic. It will mean that researchers will in future know about trials as they […]

2nd April 2014|

No excuse not to publish: MPs tell doctors regulator

MPs on the House of Commons Health Committee called on the UK doctors regulator, the General Medical Council, to make it explicit to doctors that withholding trial results is misconduct and actionable.

In a report released today, the MPs said “that the contemporary research landscape no longer offers any valid justification for failing to publish the results of negative […]

2nd April 2014|