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Irish Medical Organisation calls for transparency

The Irish Medical Organisation has joined our campaign and has issued a strong call to “all research ethics committees and pharmaceutical companies in Ireland mandate the publishing of all clinical trial data, as part of receiving ethical approval.”

Read more in the Irish Medical Independent

30th January 2014|

Johnson & Johnson gives clinical trial data to researchers: a “game changer”

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has decided to give all the data from pharmaceutical clinical trials it holds to researchers at Yale University. It is giving the anonymised patient data from its pharmaceutical arm Janssen to researchers at the Yale University Open Data Access (YODA) project and YODA will give access to the data to other […]

30th January 2014|

AllTrials campaign video coming soon

In the year since the launch of the AllTrials campaign over 63,000 people have signed the petition and 445 organisations have joined up; MEPs told us that our supporters’ input shaped the new European clinical trials law; and companies, research funders and regulators are having serious discussions about how to implement necessary changes to increase […]

27th January 2014|

One last hurdle remaining in clinical trial reform in Europe – how you can help

The new clinical trial regulation has been approved by Public Health Committee MEPs in Brussels. This means it is one step away from final agreement.

The regulation would require anyone running a clinical trial to register it and publish a summary of results in a publicly accessible EU database. Full Clinical Study Reports are expected to […]

24th January 2014|

BMJ editorial suggests a routine audit of clinical trials

A recent editorial by Dr Ben Goldacre and Prof Carl Heneghan in the BMJ calls for a routine audit of all currently used medical treatments. This audit would aim to identify if the treatment’s clinical trials were registered, what trial and research data is available, which investigators were involved in their R&D and what company manufactured […]

22nd January 2014|

The Lancet investigates waste in medical research

The Lancet released a 5-part series of reports this week on how to reduce waste in medical research caused by unpublished, unusable or incomplete reporting. Authors of the article by Chan et al say: “When full information about studies is inaccessible, billions of dollars in investment are wasted, bias is introduced, and research and care […]

16th January 2014|

Nature editorial advises “data sharing will pay dividends”

Nature published an editorial this week reminding pharmaceutical companies of the power of an informed public.

The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in safeguarding public health. However, this should not make them complacent. Lessons can be learned from the current energy crisis and the banking crisis before it: public opinion matters.

The article states “…concern over […]

14th January 2014|

Bias in reporting of breast cancer clinical trials

Researchers have shown that there is significant bias in the reporting of breast cancer clinical trials. The group investigated randomised, controlled Phase III clinical trials with over 200 participants between 1995 and 2011. They looked at how the toxicity (side effects) of the drug and the primary end points (main purpose of the drug) were […]

10th January 2014|

Pharma companies launch portal to give access to trial data

An online portal where researchers can request access to anonymized patient-level clinical trial data from five pharmaceutical companies has been launched at Last year GSK was the first company to launch an online system for researchers to request access to trial data. GSK has now been joined by Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi and ViiV Healthcare. The five companies are inviting all […]

3rd January 2014|

Strong call for access to clinical trial information from MPs

The UK’s Public Accounts Committee has called on the Government to make sure that AllTrials’s aims – that all clinical trials, past, present and future, are registered and full methods and results available for independent scrutiny – happen. The Committee of MPs said they were surprised and concerned to discover that information on medicines is […]

3rd January 2014|