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Agreement reached in Europe on Clinical Trials Regulation

Exciting news from Brussels this morning – law that would mean researchers running a clinical trial in Europe have to register the trial before it begins and to publish summary results within a year of its end is a step closer. The committee of representatives from every EU member state government has agreed with the […]

20th December 2013|

Timeline test

19th December 2013|

Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe – breaking news

This Friday 20th December the EU’s Clinical Trials Regulation will be approved by the Council of the EU. This will mark the end of the Trilogue discussions which have being on between the Council of the European Union, Parliament and Commission in Brussels. We just received this message from Glenis Willmott MEP’s office:

“Just to give you an […]

16th December 2013|

European pharmacists group puts AllTrials advert in its journal

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists has just put an advert for the AllTrials campaign (PDF) in its journal, The European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.

This is a fantastic idea and we encourage other organisations to follow their lead. If you’re interested in doing something similar and need information about AllTrials or graphics/logos, please get in […]

13th December 2013|

Until the results of all clinical trials are published, patients everywhere lose out

This is an article published by Wiley Exchanges on 10th December. You can read the full piece here.

The best available evidence suggests that between a third and a half of all clinical trials conducted have not gone on to be published. Worse than that, trials with positive results are about twice as likely to be […]

12th December 2013|

Withholding trial results is research misconduct says UK doctors register

Withholding clinical trial results is research misconduct the head of the register of all UK doctors told a committee of MPs yesterday. The General Medical Council  (GMC) registers doctors to practise medicine in the UK. Its Chief Executive Niall Dickson told the Health Select Committee that “It’s absolutely clear – doctors cannot do research and […]

11th December 2013|

European organisations send briefing document on Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe

Ahead of final discussions currently taking place that will decide the fate of Clinical Trials Regulation in Europe, last week thirty-eight European medical, research and patient organisations sent a briefing document (PDF) on Clinical Trials Regulation to a number of prominent European contacts.

The briefing explains the importance of retaining proposed amendments which support clinical trial […]

9th December 2013|

AllTrials response to Pfizer’s new data sharing policy

Pfizer has become the latest pharmaceutical company to move towards making information from clinical trials it sponsored available. From January 2014 Pfizer is going to launch a portal through which qualified researchers can request access to anonymised patient data from completed trials of approved (or discontinued) medicines and indications. And Pfizer is going to publish […]

5th December 2013|

EMA gets important European ruling in AbbVie and InterMune cases

The European Court of Justice has annulled interim injunctions against the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in its appeal against Abbvie and InterMune, who had sought to prevent the EMA releasing documents relating to specific clinical trials. The European Court of Justice now passes the case back to the European General Court, with the stipulation that […]

5th December 2013|

Clinical trial registers contain more complete information than published articles

Reports of clinical trials published in scientific journals contain less information than the summary of results from the same trial on the register In a new paper in PLOSMedicine researchers randomly selected 600 trials that were completed and had summary results uploaded to the register. After searching the scientific literature they found that around half of […]

5th December 2013|